Hell or High Water

It has been a while since I reviewed a western. I thought I might change format a bit from traditional old west films that I think you may not have seen, to review a contemporary western that has just come out on DVD. And though it is not a historically set traditional film, it has all … Continue reading Hell or High Water

D is for Doc Holiday

Doc Holliday – Okay so I am cheating here a bit. His real name was John Henry Holliday, but he has come down to us simply known as Doc. He is famed as the sidekick to Wyatt Earp, but in truth was a far more prolific gunman than any of the Earp Clan, killing as … Continue reading D is for Doc Holiday

C is for Colt

Image Courtesy icollector.com Colt – it was the Gun that Won the West. The Colt .45, or Peacemaker, was developed in 1869 for sale to the Army. The quality and ease of use of the single action revolver made it immediately popular in the civilian market as well. The metallic cartridge ammunition made a vast … Continue reading C is for Colt