A Very Rough Ride

The air was thick, damp -- the temperature sweltering on the 1st of July. The cavalrymen, forced to leave their mounts behind for lack of transport, suffered from exhaustion, struggled through thick chaparral working down the trails to the foot of the heights. The wilds of Arizona, the Dakotas and Montana might be hot, but this jungle climate was … Continue reading A Very Rough Ride

Autie the prankster

Well, the A-Z challenge was quite an undertaking. Congratulations to everyone who made it all the way to Z and thanks to all who stopped by and left comments on my posts. I will have a shout out at the bottom to all of you. For those of you who liked the Old West posts … Continue reading Autie the prankster


H is for Hat – in the Western that means Cowboy Hat and there is nothing more iconic in the field of Westerns than the Stetson. John B Stetson invented the hat while traveling the west for his health. He dubbed it the Boss of the Plains (above). It had a simple flat wide brim, for … Continue reading H IS FOR HAT