“You can smell Indian war paint and feel the thunder under their horses’ feet. Texas life was hard back then, and it’s told well in this man’s story.”

–          Dusty Richards, Spur Award winning author

“Scott Amsbaugh is an engaging wordsmith, and Redemption will certainly connect with western readers. Carefully, researched, his novel puts us in the heart of a typical 1860’s Texas family, torn by Comanche murders, kidnappings, and the efforts to save the captives- or not.”

–          McKendree Long, author of Higher Ground and a Spur finalist for Chouteau’s Crossing, a short story featured in Rough Country


“Amsbaugh takes the reader on a heart-pounding ride with some of the most vivid writing I have seen in a Western novel. The characters come alive as Amsbaugh tells the tale of Matthew Kincade, a young man who wages a war of revenge against the tribe who killed his parents and kidnapped his sister. This coming of age story is destined to be a classic.”

–          Janet Heijens, author of Wrongful Conviction

“Gripping story that captured my imagination. I am not a western story reader yet found this a great read. Dialogue and characters were well crafted. Just enough details on setting to make believable but not overdone. ”

–          Debbie, Goodreads

“I really liked the story. The twelve year-old boy in me loved the story. Both of my grandfathers were fans of western fiction. They always told me it is “all about the story”, “don’t rush it let it unfold”. They would sometimes read chapters from their books to me. They would always share the stories with me. I thought about both of them quite often as I read Redemption. Both of them enjoyed the story.”

–          Dune, Amazon reviewer

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