Hell or High Water

It has been a while since I reviewed a western. I thought I might change format a bit from traditional old west films that I think you may not have seen, to review a contemporary western that has just come out on DVD. And though it is not a historically set traditional film, it has all … Continue reading Hell or High Water

A Very Rough Ride

The air was thick, damp -- the temperature sweltering on the 1st of July. The cavalrymen, forced to leave their mounts behind for lack of transport, suffered from exhaustion, struggled through thick chaparral working down the trails to the foot of the heights. The wilds of Arizona, the Dakotas and Montana might be hot, but this jungle climate was … Continue reading A Very Rough Ride

Scotland, Pittsburg, the Cowboy and Ariosa

A poor young immigrant from Scotland moves to Pittsburg. He founds a new company. Using an innovative manufacturing process, he corners the market on his product and becomes a wealthy robber baron. I know you are thinking it sounds like Andrew Carnage but it’s not. This blog is about the Old West. This Ariosa then … Continue reading Scotland, Pittsburg, the Cowboy and Ariosa

Mysterious Mr Woodson

On March 11, 1881, Alexander Smith, Army paymaster, swung into the saddle in Florence, Alabama bearing $5200 in government payroll. He trotted along the Muscle Shoals Canal tow path several miles from town. The canal was known across the country, a modern engineering marvel. But to the three desperados recently arrived from their home in Nashville, … Continue reading Mysterious Mr Woodson

Autie the prankster

Well, the A-Z challenge was quite an undertaking. Congratulations to everyone who made it all the way to Z and thanks to all who stopped by and left comments on my posts. I will have a shout out at the bottom to all of you. For those of you who liked the Old West posts … Continue reading Autie the prankster


Z is for Zeb. Zeb was the son of a veteran of the American Revolution and born in New Jersey during that conflict in 1779. As a son of a heroic American patriot, Zeb felt compelled to make his own mark on history. He grew to manhood while living in various military outposts in the … Continue reading Z IS FOR ZEB

Y is for the fort.

  Y is for the fort. I will give you its “Y” name later in the post. See if you can figure it out. The year is 1869. The Cincinnati Reds are born as the first professional baseball team. The golden spike is driven into the Transcontinental Railroad in Utah. The Wyoming Territory gives women the right … Continue reading Y is for the fort.

X IS FOR ten

X is for… the King's ten rules.  (You will really have to hang in for this one.) So, first let’s meet Len. Len was born in Cincinnati in 1911 and lived in a tenement on Second Street. When only two, he sailed up the Ohio River to Portsmouth in a boat built by his father and an … Continue reading X IS FOR ten

V is for Villa

V is for Villa, Most specifically how Villa started a war with the US – Is Pancho Villa a Mexican bandit or patriotic revolutionary? The best answer may be “Yes!” This is the tale of how Pancho Villa started a war. January 11, 1916 Villa’s men (Villista) removed 16 Americans from a train in Chihauhau, stripped, … Continue reading V is for Villa