Redemption is finally Available

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I am pleased to announce that my debut novel is available for sale. Here is what others had to say–

“You can smell Indian war paint and feel the thunder under their horses’ feet. Texas life was hard back then, and it’s told well in this man’s story.” – Dusty Richards, Spur Award winning author

“Scott Amsbaugh is an engaging wordsmith, and Redemption will certainly connect with western readers. Carefully researched, his novel puts us in the heart of a typical 1860’s Texas family, torn by Comanche murders, kidnappings, and efforts to save the captives-or not.” – McKendree Long, author of Higher Ground and Spur finalist for Chouteau’s Crossing, featured in Rough Country

Redemption —  From earliest colonization to the closing of the frontier, redemption is the term settlers applied to the return of white captives abducted during the Indian wars.

The year is 1859. Matthew Kincaid’s parents are killed and his brother, Seth, and sister, Sarah, taken captive in an Indian raid on their Texas farm. Family friend, William Crow Killer, is himself a Comanche banished by the band responsible for the for the kidnapping. Matthew’s uncle, Jacob Mackenzie, is hell bent for revenge. This unlikely pair heads out on the trail of the killers.

Swept up in this brutal hunt, Matthew must decide what he seeks. Will he succumb to his fire for vengeance in the harsh Texas wilds, or find the strength of character to bring redemption to those he loves?

Redemption is available at Indiebound, Amazon , Barnes and Noble , and Books A Million.

I would love to hear what you think. Review it on Amazon, my Facebook page or on Good Reads. Or you can always leave a comment.

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