Roger Hooverman – Part 2

This is the second part to the interview with my friend and fellow SluGS member, Roger. Good information and interesting read.

Charlie, Mackenzie & Associates

roger2 This is the second part of Debbie’s interview with Florida writer, Roger Hooverman.

You have published on Amazon. How was that process? Would you recommend that avenue for emerging writers?

I chose to self-publish through Amazon because I didn’t think my books had the market potential to interest a commercial agent or publisher.  Many other authors aiming at a mass market do self-publish though, and are apparently quite successful.
    Amazon works in partnership with CreateSpace, which is the actual on-demand publishing company. The process was very easy.  It did not cost me anything at all – they will sell you professional help in editing, layout and cover design if you want it, but I decided I could do that myself.  They give very clear instructions in how to format the book, and their online interface is easy to use. I was able to proof the book online, and order…

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