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Colt – it was the Gun that Won the West. The Colt .45, or Peacemaker, was developed in 1869 for sale to the Army. The quality and ease of use of the single action revolver made it immediately popular in the civilian market as well. The metallic cartridge ammunition made a vast improvement over the old cap and ball revolvers. In a 7 ½ inch barrel length it was carried by Wyatt Earp and George Armstrong Custer. (The famed Buntline Special, 12 inch barrel attributed to Earp is more legend than fact.)

But as iconic as the Colt .45 is, it was a follow on model to it that really won the west. In 1877 Colt began to produce the Frontier Six-Shooter in a .44 caliber which fired the same .44-40 round used by the Model 1873 Winchester lever action rifle (ironically also known as the Gun that Won the West). This innovation allowed for the carrying of the Colt revolver in combination with a light accurate long gun while packing a single type of ammunition. When trekking the vast distances of the west this lessening of a man’s load could be a life saver. Later combinations of the Colt and Winchester in .38-40 and .32-20 calibers also proved popular.

So it was not so much Colt’s Gun that Won the West as it was  the .44-40 ammunition – The Round that Won the West.

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15 thoughts on “C is for Colt

  1. I’ve not seen the Colt you write about, but I know of the Colt Woodsman, which is very effective in shooting gophers, and scaring the bejeebers out of one’s Mother, when one’s Father forgets to mention he is going to use said pistol… Ahem. Like your blog!

  2. Among our gun collection we have a beautiful colt 22 target pistol and an old colt 38 that’s in horrible shape. It’s so bad. I swear someone may have put paint on it. To say the least it would be dangerous to even shoot the thing. That 38 would probably be best as a paper weight!!
    btw thanks for stopping by my blog, it’s appreciated 🙂

  3. Very interesting. I am passing this post on to my Husband. 🙂
    Regarding having grilled cheese for dinner….here is a link to a simple one that we make all the time. It includes bacon. 🙂 We have been known to use up to an ounce of “Wholly Guacamole” on the sandwiches which makes them a bit spicy but so yummy! We have yet to try it with the crumbled up tortilla chips. We usually serve mini sweet peppers alongside.
    Also, here is another sandwich recipe….not a grilled cheese but we really like it. The Cabbage Slaw with Dill that goes on it is good all by it self and we always make extra for the next day.
    Enjoy your dinner and Happy National Grilled Cheese Month. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I’d make a joke about how bullets don’t win the West, people win the West . . . but I’m much afraid I’d be shot at and run outta town! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my A to Z Challenge

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