My Journey to Becoming a Writer – Part 1

Marine Corps graduation
Marine Corps graduation

From as far back as I can remember
I have wanted to create: paint, write, build, landscape, spin yarns. “You are smart, get good grades.  Get a good job, make money –  Artists starve.” I heard over and over. So I joined the marines, trained in high tech, got discharged, landed a well- paid technology job and wondered is this it? Now this was back in the days when a technology job was working on main frames that took up floors of buildings. The web was far from graphical. There was not a tremendous amount of creativity in the computing world. I was stifled. I had a good job. I had some cash, but something was missing.

So I changed jobs and lifestyle. Waiting tables, bartending and a new town. Found a wife and started a new life. Still something was missing. We (the wife and I) talked and talked as new couples do, shared dreams, reminisced about the past. Friends had commented that I could tell a story. The wife thought I was clever and funny – says that’s why she married me. But it was time to grow up again.

Technology beckoned me back – fiber optics and networks. Still I was restless. We bought a house. I started remodeling. Painting, wood work, landscaping. I still regaled friends and family with stories, but work and the pay check called. No kids yet and some free time had the wife taking a night class at local community college. She found a listing for a writing class. “You should do this!” Why not. I signed up and started to write.

This is the beginning of my journey that would take 20 years and counting.

What has started you on a journey?

6 thoughts on “My Journey to Becoming a Writer – Part 1

  1. Thanks for the visit to my blog. We have some similarities in our trail to writing – government job, dancing around creative pursuits but never pulling the trigger on the right one until recently. Look forward to reading your work!

  2. I was determined to defy the “writers starve” thing, so after my BSc, I started working as a commercial writer, telling the stories of non-profits, corporates and governments. For a while there I was even telling stories of companies that develop fiber optics and set up networks (satellite, undersea and land). Had a lot of fun doing that actually because those guys knew a lot of stuff and they didn’t mind me saying “teach me!”
    I still write what I want to know, but these days I also write about what I do (gardening) and the stories filling my head. The battle was worth it.
    Damaria from

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the comments. I read a book by Patricia Cornwell on learning to write. She had a whole chapter on what she called ‘murder your darlings’. Her advice – never trust what you love too much in your prose. It probably needs killing off.

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